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Rentificial Rental Management System

Renting management systems should be used in a proper way to proceed in renting sector. You know that majority of the people prefer renting instead of purchasing now. So, renting sector is growing day by day. Renting services are provided in different areas such as transportation, entertainment, celebration, accommodation.

Preliminary Information

Some of the Sectors We Provide Solution

Car Rental

A professional fleet renting company will ensure the control of both vehicle and fleet. Firms providing vehicle renting service provides various services simultaneously. People or establishments to be provided with vehicle renting service can manage their activities without being required to establish another unit to follow up their vehicles.

Construction Machinery Rental

There are companies that offer rental services in cases where construction, excavation and road works are required. Excavator, dozer, backhoe loader, grader is used for every working special machine. These machines are rented for a certain period of time for a fee.

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle renting activities are the part of transportation and travels. It is not possible to take bicycle or use bicycle to arrive at anywhere. So, the people prefer to travel by renting a bicycle at the destination points. Vehicle track should be realized completely and full so that the renting service can be carried out without any problem.

Sports Equipment Rental

The rental of sports equipment can be done individually or in person. Various sports equipment may be needed for temporary jobs such as filming and advertising. The service power of the leasing company increases according to the product variety. Digital solutions come into play in order to carry out leasing activities of all products without any problem.

Stage Products Rental

In the organizations, stage products such as photography, video or music sound system are rented and used. Especially in weddings and ceremonies, stage products are needed. Even though the people who regularly go to concerts have their own equipment, renting is sought in rare events such as ceremonies. There are many companies providing equipment services in this sector.

Wedding Supplies Rental

Renting activities are realized in different sectors for weddings. There are numerous renting opportunities varying from wedding halls to bridal gown and groom’s suit. Firms which provide renting service differ from each other to provide the necessary service in each stage of the wedding.

Cloud Based System

We run systems integrated with multiple platforms.

High Level Interaction

Rentificial system is an advanced rental management software that can work in interaction with the mobile application.


Rentificial Management System

It is an advanced software that can work in interaction with the mobile application prepared using the latest technologies.

Web Application

Mobile Application

Why Rental Management Application?

Well, then how can firms providing renting services follow the track of the vehicles/goods that they have rented? There are some applications to manage all stages in renting activities without experiencing any problem and to benefit from the incomes. Let’s mention about the benefit of such applications for you.

Rental Service Tracking

Service track might be difficult for big renting firms. How long, for whom and for how much has the product been rented? How much is the income totally in a month or term? You can receive the answers of all such questions from a single application. Various stages such as availability statuses of the vehicles/goods rented, maintenance track, income can be followed up by the application.


Rental Management with Rentificial

Rentificial is a mobile renting management application which eases the renting services management and operate in integration with websites. It is an application which provides detailed data entry opportunity by which various vehicle renting or good renting firms use and benefit. Let’s list its advantages:

  • You can monitor demands and offers instantly.
  • It saves time.
  • It enables to work more with fewer employees.
  • It is economical.
  • You can track your works at any time in anywhere.
  • You can control your incomes.
  • You can track your invoices and payments.

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